Does Your Brand Need a
Social Media or Website Content Audit? 

Yes! Because Content is King. 

As the currency of the Internet, it plays a crucial role in your digital marketing strategy.
But digital content that misrepresents your brand will repel your target audience.

Confusing, incoherent, or disorganized content may be one of the reasons you're 
not getting the desired results.       

Effective social media and website content is mapped out with your buyers' journey in mind. 
It attracts strangers, builds relationships with leads, and converts potential consumers into buyers. 

Does your content educate and guide your potential consumers, helping them make informed decisions and choose your products or services? 

That's where my content audits come in. 

I review your page(s) from a consumer and consultant perspective, then deliver the content audits as a screen capture recording with my UX (user experience) commentary and content strategist evaluation.

The comprehensive versions include a follow-up 30-minute video call to map out your brand's optimization strategy.  

To apply for an audit, please tell me a bit about your business below. I'll revert accordingly within 1-3 working days.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The screen recording walk-throughs of your audit get uploaded to a private learning management platform. Your one-off investment guarantees you access to the LITE or Comprehensive versions.

Your one-off booking fee includes access to the video recordings. Your invoice will have a link to create an account and unlock your recordings inside a private LMS. You may access your paid audits anytime as long as the WWW is working. Please note you may not share your login details with others. Your video recordings do not come with any further access to Nancy beyond the 30-minute follow-up strategy call included in the comprehensive audits.

Should you choose to work with me after the audit delivery, your one-time investment, starting at 97 EUROS, is deductible from any VIP Day service or project billing. 

An audit application is free. A payment is required only after mutual agreement. Following this, Nancy will render the specific services you booked. The pricing range is between *97 EUROS (for the LITE version) and up to 497 Euros for the Comprehensive website or email audits.

This application page has no obligations; you will NOT BE charged for submitting your form. If applicable, you'll get a follow-up invitation to BOOK and PAY for an audit. After which, due to the nature of the digital audits, all sales remain final. Please note that there is no refund or money-back option. Filling out this free application doesn't automatically guarantee services.

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