I'm Nancy - author, trainer, and consultant. 

Short (Professional) Bio 

Nancy Nungari is the face of Naga Consulting, a business that offers digital marketing, training, and content solutions.

Using her Signature ABC System©, Nancy  works with companies that want to capitalize on the power of digital content for customer acquisition and retention.    

Born and raised in Kenya, Nancy is currently based in Germany, where she's lived for more than 25 years.  She has a background in sales, market research, and social studies.

From experience, Nancy knows holistic well-being is the key to happiness, health, and fulfilment. That's why she prioritizes self-care. Nancy is also a published author on Amazon, and a certified coach since 2014.

Long (Personal) Bio

Growing up on Africa's east coast, I wanted to be a nurse, an air hostess, or a fashion designer as a young girl. I went to design college, and years later, when I moved to Europe, worked in the fashion industry as a sales rep.    

After a back injury, I left employment to follow my passion for reading and opened a bookshop in Germany. As an avid reader, for seven years, I was one of my best customers :-)    Then e-commerce exploded, the recession hit, and Amazon became a competitor I couldn't keep up with. So armed with an "If you can't beat them, join them" attitude, I pivoted.  Wrote, and published my first book, then closed the shop and took my business online. I then ventured into part-time freelancing and coaching and later operated a women's clothing line.    

With over 12 years of internet marketing experience, a background in the sales, market research, and social studies industries in Germany, these days, I write, train, and consult on how to grow a brand online using content marketing.    

Because the digital marketing landscape is continuously evolving, I stay updated on the industry's developments with HubSpot training.  

That's a bit about my story in a nutshell . Also,  I now go by Nungari.

7 Random Facts ABOUT ME

1.   Multi-passionate creative who speaks four languages
2.   Books, fashion, cruising, and sax music make me happy
3.   A published author on Amazon and award-winning speaker
4.   Nominee of the 2019 German Digital Female Leader Awards  
5.   Voted one of the 100 Influential Africans in Germany in 2016
6.   Curious ambivert with a Kenyan temperament and German work ethic
7.   I write, speak, and podcast about personal development and well-being.