Social media has revolutionised how we interact with each other. Nowadays, almost everyone is on one or multiple networking sites. The power of these virtual platforms lies in their popularity and ability to directly connect with your target audience effortlessly. The rise of mobile device use enables companies to have real-time two-way virtual conversations with customers with just a few clicks.

Because clients are more likely to tweet a company than go through the frustration of calling support lines, innovative companies use social media to complement their customer service, monitor client complaints and neutralise negative PR.

A social media presence offers cost-effective ways to:

  • Raise brand awareness 
  • Attract new leads 
  • Monitor competitors
  • Run marketing campaigns 
  • Nurture client/company relationships

Here are 3 quick must-know tips to consider.  

1. Secure your username across all platforms.  
To maintain a cohesive brand and deter imposters, reserve all your usernames across all the social media platforms even if you don’t need them now. As your digital marketing develops, you'll probably need more than one or two platforms.

2. Decide which social media platform(s) to use.  
Not all social media platforms are suitable for your company. Attempting to build a presence and stay active on all available platforms is counterproductive. Instead, identify the platforms that bring the best results based on your objectives and focus on them. Social media marketing results are measurable so you can always change based on data.  

3. Connect your social media accounts to your website. 
Be active on selected platforms, but have all your accounts connected to your website. Your audience is engaged on different networks, give your site visitors the options to connect with you on the platforms of their choice.

Any company not implementing the power of social media to attract and engage their audience is making a costly mistake. Globalisation and digitalization are unstoppable. Innovation and swift adaptability to trends are inevitable for companies that not only want to survive but thrive as well.
Your audience spends time every day on these platforms, having all kinds of conversations, why not go where they are? The best part of it all - setting up social media profiles is free.

Are your platforms and profiles optimized to drive traffic, engage your customers and boost sales?