Do you have a hard time creating captivating content
that grows your blog readership?

❌ You  struggle with maintaining a consistent publishing schedule.

❌ Creative blocks have you staring at the screen, wondering what to blog about.

❌ You're disorganized and you have no plan. Your blogging related tasks are all over the place.

Imagine having a simple yet comprehensive tool that organizes your business blogging process.
A tool that gives you the power to effortlessly plan, execute, and track your blogging objectives.

 Introducing  The Blogging Bundle

Using this bundle will help you:

✔️eliminate writer's block for a full year,
✔️ batch tasks and optimize your workflow,
✔️establish a consistent publishing schedule,
✔️plan your long-term business blogging goals,
✔️and track performance, review then refine.

Say goodbye to disorganization and inconsistent blogging.

Our Editorial Calendar provides you with done-for-you planning templates to brainstorm, map out, create, and publish engaging blog posts.  

You'll never run out of ideas because the 1st add-on gives you a year - 52 weeks of post ideas.

Your audience will love consuming a variety of content formats from the 31 ideas add-on.

Use the Blogging Bundle and publish content that boost your brand's:

  •  Audience Growth 
  • Visibility & Reach
  • Niche Authority
  • Lead Generation
  •  Marketing
  •  Sales

Mapping out your consistent blogging strategy has never been easier.  

The Editorial Calendar guides you step-by-step, helping you define your goals,  identify your target audience, so that you publish content that resonates with your consumers.
You'll have a clear roadmap, resulting in content diversification, loyal readership,  and ultimately, improving your brand's bottom line. 

 Here's Exactly What You'll Get... 




Are you ready to end the inconsistency and streamline your blogging workflow?



MAIN PRODUCT - Editorial Calendar Planner
ADD-ON #1 - 52 Blog Post Ideas - Checklist
ADD-ON #2 - 31 Content Formats - Checklist

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Hello and welcome!

I'm Nancy, the producer of this resource. 

Fifteen years ago, I closed my physical bookshop and took my business online. 

 With years of hands-on digital marketing experience, these days

I consult, train, and write about content marketing.

 As a published author and certified coach with a passion for personal development, 

I support clients with their vision, goals, and well-being for healthy, high performance. 

I'm an immigrant living in Germany and in my free time, you'll find me prioritizing self-care.

 Thanks for being here and if you choose to invest in these resources, enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Due to the nature of the digital products, all sales are final. Please note there is no refund or money back option, so take this into consideration before making a purchasing decision.

Nothing will be shipped. The Blogging Bundle (Calendar and bonuses) are digital assets delivered in downloadable printable PDF files. There are also web-view only versions inside your dashboard.  To save your copies to your device, simply righ-click on the download version.

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